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Storyhunter helps the world’s top video journalists and documentary filmmakers produce stories for premium digital publishers.

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Storyhunter is an online production network for professional video journalists and documentary filmmakers. Once you’re accepted into the network, you can instantly access paid assignments and collaboration opportunities all over the world.

Photo: Storyhunter Douglas Engle in Rio de Janeiro (2010)

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Show the world the video journalism you’ve always wanted to make, from your hometown or wherever you roam. Storyhunters can submit pitches easily on the platform, and receive feedback within a few days.

Photo: Storyhunter Mariana Castelo Blanco in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2013)

Produce Together

Think of us like a virtual video journalism studio. We greenlight the most original and important story topics and assign you an experienced editor. You shoot and edit a rough cut. Then, your editor helps you craft your story into an awesome final product.

Photo: Screenshot from Storyhunter video "Human Towers" produced by Marc Alcover and Ariadna Costa in Catalonia, Spain

Payment Fair and Fast

We always credit and compensate you justly for your hard work. Once you send in your final cut, you'll receive a payment within four weeks.

Photo: Screenshot from Storyhunter video "Quest For Indosenian Palm Oil Threatens Native Communities" produced by Branden Eastwood in Muara Tae, Indonesia

Your Stories Everywhere

Your stories will be shown on Storyhunter and the sites of our premier publishing partners. We notify you as soon as your video is published so you can spread the word.

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