Jaron Gilinsky

Jaron Gilinsky is one of the pioneers of "backpack video journalism". With less than 10 pounds of gear, he reported, produced, filmed, and edited documentaries from every world continent. His videos and writing have been featured in the New York Times, Time, PBS, and Current TV. Jaron spent the last decade in the Middle East, where he covered wars, revolutions, and the occasional peace rally.

Jaron also had the privilege of teaching video journalism to Israelis and Palestinians as a university professor. When he’s not storyhunting, Jaron enjoys surfing, playing soccer, and travelling to places not found in Lonely Planet guidebooks.

Alex Ragir

Alexander Ragir has over a decade of experience in video journalism, investigative reporting, and breaking news coverage. A former foreign correspondent for Bloomberg News in Rio de Janeiro, he frequently contributed to Bloomberg Markets and Businessweek magazines.

Alex is the recipient of an Overseas Press Club citation for coverage of law-breaking by big banks in Latin America and won the 2010 SABEW award for best international investigative story. He's worked for the Associated Press in Sao Paulo and produced video documentaries for CurrentTV. Alex loves world music and is Storyhunter’s resident DJ.

Carlos Cabrera

Carlos Cabrera has a background in multimedia journalism and economics. A recent graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, he's worked for Al Jazeera English in Doha, Qatar, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Springhill Consulting Group.

Carlos filmed and directed a documentary about a financially-burdened ancient Roman reenactment show in Jerash, Jordan. He also wrote for, an online publication devoted to analysis on the Iberian Peninsula. Carlos enjoys playing/coaching basketball and also claims to know all the world's capitals.

Eric Paternot

Eric Paternot is a filmmaker and entrepreneur with a passion for storytelling. He comes from the world of journalism and has worked for ABC News, The New York Times, France Television, and independent production companies around the world. Eric is a graduate of Harvard University, where he majored in government and Islamic studies. He began his pursuit of storytelling as an executive producer and president of Harvard Undergraduate Television.

In 2009, he was the recipient of a George Peabody Gardner Fellowship, which he used to write, shoot, and edit a documentary covering the rise and fall of Bhutan's first bodybuilding champion. Eric then pursued a dual degree in journalism at Columbia's Journalism School in New York and Sciences Po's Journalism School in Paris. There, he polished his narrative and reporting skills while integrating them with digital tools. Eric loves powder skiing, the great outdoors, adventure, and historical fictions.


Roni Cohen has the heart of an entrepreneur and the soul of a technologist. After serving as a paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces, he became an active contributor in open-source communities such as Kaltura, WordPress, and BBPress. He has worked as a backend developer for Kaltura and a contractor for Microsoft. As a back- and front-end development for RiT Technologies, Roni built the new RiT data management product “CenterMind”. Based in Tel Aviv, Roni just likes building stuff people use.


Leon Gordin has over 12 years of experience in web development and prides himself on leading projects from start to finish. He single-handedly rewrote big scale web platforms from scratch as senior applications developer for online video platform Kaltura. Leon is an expert in AJAX web application development, and implementation of complex server configurations, including web servers, databases, and CDN or Kaltura integrations. He’s worked under Linux, with PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Flash AS3, Perl/CGI, with MySQL / PostgreSQL, Linux System Administration. An avid traveller, Leon speaks Hebrew, English, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Simon Jankelson

Simon Jankelson gained his digital stripes and colors programming his parents MS-DOS based computer at age 12. After several successful but shady web projects, Simon completed a Masters of Interactive Multimedia at the University of Technology Sydney. He then became a partner and technical director at "Based On Birds" — a digital creative agency based in Sydney, Australia. Producing work for designers, artists and musicians, as well as organizations such as ABC, Sony and The Climate Hub, Simon became known for his innovative and unorthodox approach to web projects. When Simon's not knee deep in code, he's either in cobra position, drinking at a dive bar, or writing songs for the band "WIM."