Call for U.S. pitches: commissioning series on black-male achievement

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We’re very pleased to announce a partnership with POV, PBS’s longest running documentary series, to commission several 4-10 minute documentaries about the most pressing African-American issues of our time. The series will air on POV's website in conjunction with the February national broadcast premiere of the critically acclaimed documentary American Promise. In this documentary, filmmakers follow two boys from kindergarten to their high school graduation, and present complicated truths on issues like race, class and opportunity.

Our American Promise series will touch on similar issues, focusing on inspiring people relevant to the African American experience. We are looking for stories that highlight unique perspectives on issues such as public education, affirmative action, racial profiling, gentrification, inner-city violence, assimilation and stereotypes. We’re also looking for profiles of inspiring people, who dedicate their lives to shrinking the widening inequality gap in the US, or highlight a unique perspective on issues important to African-American communities. The profiles could also dive into the lives of artists or musicians, who provoke thought about these issues and break stereotypes.

Storyhunter is paying US$1,000 for each 4-10 minute, character-driven story.

If you're a freelance video journalist or documentary filmmaker based in the U.S., join us in uncovering these important, untold stories.

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Trailers to POV's documentaries on the black-male achievement:

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