Running and Gunning, a Syrian Citizen Journalist's journey to truth

Written by Shaminder Dulai On the 0 Comments

Hussein worked for his family's real estate company showing apartments around the city of Quasir before the Syrian uprising became increasingly violent eight months ago. That all ended when frequent bombings and gunfire between President Bashar al-Assad's forces and Syrian rebels turned the country into one of the most dangerous place in the world. Most jobs in Syria, including Hussein's, disappeared.

Blockades and attacks on foreign journalists in Syria has made real-time information about the conflict more and more scarce. Hussein, a pro-revolution activist who asked not to use his last name for fear of retribution, began taking pictures and videos of the violence and sending them to TV stations, free of charge, filling the void for media footage of the conflict and effects on daily life in Syria. 

Broadcasters are increasingly relying on untrained citizen journalists like Hussein for insight into what's going on inside countries where goverments restrict access. In this eye-opening short documentry video, Storyhunter Ricardo Garcia Vilanova treks along with Hussein to see what life is like for the former salesman turned journalist.