Searching for Sugarman

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The documentary, Searching For Sugarman, tells the most remarkable tale. I bet you've never heard of Rodriguez, one of the most talented singer-songwriters to emerge in the 1970's.  He made a few albums and then completely vanished.  Rumors speculated that he killed himself live on stage. But was it with a bullet? Or did he set himself on fire? Or did it really happen at all?  

Another question is why did this artist, whose music and lyrics may be better than Bob Dylan's, never amount to anything in the music world?  Except in South Africa, where he is as famous as Elvis.  Ok, I've said too much.  

The film answers many of these questions, and tells one of the most fascinating stories I've heard in a while.  The doc has been a hit at Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals, and was picked up by Sony Pictures.  You should be able to see it soon at a theater near you.  In the meantime, check out this song by the most famous musician you've never heard of, Rodriguez.